University of Zagreb, Faculty of Law


  • Founded in 1776 as one of the oldest institutions of the University of Zagreb
  • Being largest law faculty in Croatia, the Faculty is leader of law education in whole country (3314 students enroled in acad. Year 2020/2021)
  • Staff: in total 240 employees, of which 167 professors and 73 administrative staff
  • Has in place 145 Erasmus agreements with universities from and outside the EU
  • Has participated in over 80 scientific-research projects and cooperations, including both domestic and international projects


  • 28 Cairs: 
    1. Chair of Croatian History of Law and State
    2. Chair of General History of Law and State
    3. Chair of Roman Law
    4. Chair of General Theory of Law and State
    5. Chair of Economics
    6. Chair of Sociology
    7. Chair of Constitutional Law
    8. Chair of Criminal Law
    9. Chair of European Public Law
    10. Chair of Criminal Procedural Law
    11. Chair of Civil Law
    12. Chair of Family Law
    13. Chair of Legal InformaticsChair of Civil Procedural Law
    14. Chair of International Law
    15. Chair of Financial Law and Financial Science
    16. Chair of Administrative Science
    17. Chair of Administrative Law
    18. Chair of Private International Law
    19. Chair of Commercial Law and Company Law
    20. Chair of Maritime Law and General Transport Law
    21. Chair of Labour and Social Security Law
    22. Chair of Psychology
    23. Chair of Social Work Sphere
    24. Chair of Social Policy
    25. Chair of Gerontology
    26. Chair of Theory and Methods of Social Work
    27. Chair of Foreign Languages
  • 2 Centres:
    1. Social Work Study Centre
    2. Study Centre of Public Administration and Public Finance
  • 6 Institutes
    1. Institute of International and Comparative Law
    2. Institute of Administrative and Political Sciences
    3. Institute of Criminal Law Sciences, Criminology and Victimology
    4. Institute of Commercial Law and the Law of International Trade, Economics and Finance
    5. Institute of Civil Law Sciences and Family Law
    6. Institute of Legal History and Roman Law


  • Integrated university-level undergraduate and graduate study programme in Law
  • Postgraduate specialist study programs
  • Postgraduate doctoral study programs
  • Lifelong learning programs


  • Clinical Legal Education: The Legal Clinic within the Faculty of Law opened its doors in October, 2010.
  • Moot Court Competitions (Moot Court Croatia;Price Media Law Moot Court;Willem C. Vis Arbitration Moot;Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition;European Law Moot Court; Central and Eastern European Law Moot Court;ICC Moot Court Competition; UN Law – UN Convention Against Corruption Committee; Brown-Mosten Client Consultation Competition etc.)

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University of Zagreb, Faculty of Law

Project Team

Prof. Dr. Alan Uzelac

Prof. Dr. Alan Uzelac is the Chair (Head) of the Department for Civil Procedure at the Zagreb University Faculty of Law, where he teaches Civil Procedure, Arbitration, ADR, Judiciary, Evidence and Protection of Human Rights in Europe. In addition to his academic activities and numerous publications, Professor Uzelac has been an active member of various international bodies, inter alia as a founding member of the European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice (CEPEJ). He is the founder and the leader of the Law Clinic Zagreb, the biggest clinical legal education program in Croatia.

Prof. Dr. Ivana Kanceljak

Prof. Dr. Ivana Kanceljak is an Assistant Professor at the Chair of Civil Law, Faculty of Law University of Zagreb. For the last four years she is also the Commissioner for e-learning for legal studies. She has finished her PhD on Civil Law sciences and Family Law in 2016. Since 2010. she has been enrolled as a teaching staff in many educational e-learning courses and activities both in Croatia and abroad. Her research includes civil law, mostly law of obligations, European private law with emphasis  on consumer protection.

Prof. Dr. Barbara Preložnjak

Prof. Dr. Barbara Preložnjak is an Assistant Professor at the Department of General Theory of State and Law (2016-present).In 2013, she successfully defended her doctoral thesis “Liberal theories of justice and legal aid schemes”. She worked as a trainee at the Municipal and County Court in Zagreb (2003-2005), and passed the bar exam in 2007. Since 2010, she has been working as the assistant leader of the Law Clinic. She has written extensively on matters related to clinical legal education and legal aid.

Juraj Brozović

Juraj Brozović is a teaching assistant at the Department of Civil Procedure, currently working on his PhD. He has been involved in the activities of the Law Clinic first as a student (mentor/administrator) and later as a supervisor and of the assistant leaders. He has written extensively on matters related to clinical legal education and legal aid and actively participated both in the management and implementation of various international projects. He has been the national representative and coach of Croatian teams in Brown – Mosten International Client Consultation Competition.