Expected to be published in March 2023!

The publication “LAW AND BEYOND” aims to build a bridge between legal education and socio-political cross-sectional areas of current importance. Through a combination of different areas at the legal and non-legal level, so-called cross-cutting topics, like digitalisation, gender issues, Green deal and climate change as well as multilevel governance, it is intended to create an overall picture of one of these topics that illustrates the various points of interaction between these topics and legal questions. This interdisciplinary approach results in particular from the needs of young lawyers entering the labour market in the future. The constantly changing working environment in which these lawyers find themselves presents them with new challenges. It not only requires them to have excellent knowledge in their respective areas of legal expertise, but also a wide range of knowledge in other topics of social relevance.

Unfortunately, legal studies do not reflect the importance of most of the cross-cutting issues and most faculties as well as professors do not relate these topics to their field of work. Results of research, especially in innovative cross-cutting topics, are mostly not taught in legal studies since the main goal of traditional teaching is dedicated to judgements and the current legal situation.

Therefore, the publication will focus on different fields of cross-cutting issues and their connection to special fields of law. The publication is open to junior and senior academics, whereas Ph.D. Candidates as well as Post Docs are explicitly encouraged to publish within this project. The IO4 will be supported by a workshop (LTT4) where different experts will present different cross-cutting issues and enables discussions and the exchange of ideas. The contributions from a legal perspective with references to foreign disciplines will present innovative problem solving strategies to current problems.