General Introduction

Simulations are situations in which certain conditions are artificially created to study or experience something that exists in reality. Examples of simulations include computer simulations or simulation models. In legal education, simulations are often understood to include role-playing and simulation of court proceedings

Simulations in legal education are becoming increasingly common. While there are many established simulation models and methods, there are few guides to assist educators in developing their own simulations; and as such there is a growing need for detailed structure for simulation creation. The Method Toolbox on simulations created by MELE addresses this issue and explores the effective integration of simulations into courses.

We have prepared a guide on Simulations:



Model United Nations

GDPR Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs)

PBL + Role Play in Tax Law

Simulating Institutional Decision-Making


Attached you will find some materials in case you want to practice simulations.

You can download the general description of the short simulation as well as the country cards.