Case Studies

Legal case studies are an innovative teaching method which can be used in a variety of class room settings at all levels of studies. Case studies generally use a narrative of a legal dilemma to exemplify principles of law. Students are asked to put themselves in the position of a legal practitioner (e.g. a judge, a practicing lawyer, a notary etc.) and deliver a legal analysis and solution to the dilemma or argue and defend their advice for the protagonist. Case studies engage students in active learning. Hence, they offer a brilliant way for students to learn about the law and to apply legal knowledge that they have acquired.

If you want to integrate case studies of various forms into your teaching as an innovative, practical teaching method, this is the right place for you.

1. General GuideBOok on case studies

We have prepared a guide with general information in which you will find basic information as well as explanations of the individual forms of case studies.

2. Samples

We have also created sample case studies that you can use either in the same way or in modified versions adapted to your personal needs.

You can find them here:

Chapter 2: Legal argumentation competences
Case 3

Chapter 3: Competition & Gamification
Case 4 (Guarani Aquifer)

Chapter 6: Interdisciplinary
Case 10 (López Ribalda)
Case 11 (Ukraine)