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Modernising European Legal Education.

Intellectual Outputs

The Intellectual Outputs are the core of the Strategic Partnership. They are the 4 outputs that will be developed and published during the project period and that will significantly support the target audience in a modern and more interactive form of legal teaching.


The survey is the IO1 within the project. The Survey aims to provide information about the status quo of the training of transversal competences at the partner faculties.


The eCourse represents the IO2 of the project. The eCourse on Scientific Skills will include two compenents in particular: Research Methods and Academic Writing. 


The Method Toolbox is the IO3 of the project and is based on the results of the Survey (IO1). There will be developed a box with explanations of transversal competences, teaching methods and examples. 


The publication “Law and beyond” is the IO4 of the MELE project and focuses on cross-cutting topics. Junior and senior researchers (Ph.D. candidates and post-docs) are invited to contribute to the publication. The call for papers will be published soon. 


There are currently no news.


Modernising European Legal Education (MELE) is a project co-funded by the EU through the Erasmus+ program. It is a Strategic Partnership between a total of 9 European universities for the purpose of modernizing teaching methods in legal education.

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